5 Last Minute Christmas GiftsThat Say You Care


There is officially just 1 week left until Christmas! If you still have gifts on your list, you may be in a mild state of panic. But never fear, there is still time and no need to resort to a meaningless, grab and go gift. Here are our top picks for last minute Christmas gifts that say you care, including where to find them.

1. Aus-Iron Skillet

Did you know that aluminium and non stick coatings on cookware can leach hormone disrupting chemicals and toxins into food? 

Solidteknics have developed the ultimate solution for healthy cookware. Australian made, seamless, single-piece, wrought iron cookware. All the benefits of cast iron, with half the weight.  

We love our Aus-Iron skillets. We use our original 26cm pan, every single day. It's super easy to use and clean and is perfect for going straight from the cooktop to the oven for a quick and easy roast for two. 

Available at Kitchen Warehouse and David Jones, starting from $99 - see websites for locations.


2. Non-toxic Home and Body Products

Help your love ones avoid chemical and toxins with natural, non-toxic home and body products. It's not only better for their health, it's also better for the environment.

I shared a space at the Eco Pop Up with two wonderful, local brands earlier this year. I fell in love with Organic Floor Cleaner and Goddess Power Perfume Oil from Second Nature Botanicals and Coffee Body Scrub from The Products. Handmade, small batch, using natural, chemical free ingredients and essential oils.

Available from Second Nature Botanicals, from $18 (see website for stockists) and The Products, from $14.95 (find them at the Summer X Salt Market, Clarko Reserve, Trigg Beach, Saturday 23 December 2017).


3. Turkish Towels

I received a Turkish towel, also known as Peshtemal towels) as a Christmas gift a few years ago and fell in love with them. Used traditionally in Turkish baths, they are soft, lightweight, super absorbent and quick to dry. Made from 100% cotton, they not only look great, they're super versatile. Perfect to take to the beach, as a picnic rug, for travelling or even to keep warm on those cool, summer evenings.

Available from The Little French Market Co., from $35 - $44 - find them next to us at the Twilight Market at Subi Farmer's Market, 271 Bagot Road, Subiaco from 5pm - 9pm, Thursday 21 December 2017.


4. Menstrual Cup

For the female in your life - menstrual cups are revolutionising that time of the month. Healthier, more convenient, better for the environment and more economical. Made from silicone, menstrual cups are folded and inserted like a tampon and collect, rather than absorb menstrual flow.

I bought the Lunette version around 3 years ago and it changed my life. I've never been a fan of that time of the month, so much so that I used the contraceptive pill continuously for many years (not recommended). But these babies are non toxic, hygienic, easy to use and comfortable to wear. You hardly even know it's there!

Available from chemists, health food and organic stores, including G Collective (open on Friday 22 December 2017) and The Raw Kitchen Zero Store from around $49 - $55 - see Juju (Australia made) or Lunette websites for more stockists. DivaCup also available at Chemist Warehouse.


5. Handmade Jewellery

Individually hand crafted jewellery not only looks good, it lasts longer, means more and the quality is second to none. Choosing handmade doesn't have to cost the earth.

I had the privilege of attending a small business workshop with the maker of Metal & Dust jewellery, last year. Steph gifted each of us a handmade sterling silver ring. Her minimal style is elegant and non-instrusive amd right up my alley. Since putting it on, I haven't taken it off. I recently added another two pieces to my collection.

Available from Metal & Dust, from $39 - $229 - in store at Hatch Shop, Shop F120, Level 1, Karrinyup Shopping Centre (near David Jones entrance).