What is cacao?

Cacao is the plant source of all chocolate! The seeds from the pods of the Theobroma cacao tree are harvested, fermented, dried and processed into various products and forms. Depending on whether the seeds are processed at high or low heat, this will determine whether they become cacao, or cocoa products, respectively.     

Do you make your own chocolate?

No. We are chocolatiers, not chocolate makers. We source and use a high quality, fair-trade, organic, couverture, dark chocolate that is sweetened with unprocessed cane sugar (sometimes referred to as rapadura sugar), that is ALSO free from gluten, dairy, soy, emulsifiers, additives and preservatives. We sourced high and low, and have carefully selected this chocolate for its taste and quality.

We hand temper, mould and fill each of our chocolates, by hand, in small batches. As a result of the artisan nature of our chocolates, each and every chocolate will never be exactly the same.

Are your chocolates “raw”?

No. But almost. As previously mentioned, we source and use a high quality, couverture, dark chocolate made in Germany, and use traditional Swiss chocolate making techniques when making the chocolates. Part of the process does involve roasting the cacao beans. The almond butter we source and use is lightly roasted, the caramel itself is cooked by us, and we also roast (for that added flavour!) the cashews contained in our Salted Caramel and Cashew filling.


What are in your chocolates?

We knew you’d be interested! Click here to check out our Nutritional Information.

Are your chocolates safe for coeliacs?

All of the ingredients we use are naturally free from gluten. However, while we take every care to ensure that our chocolates are free from any traces of gluten, this is a personal decision for the individual. We carefully select ingredients whereby the product labelling indicates the absence of gluten and from suppliers where the risk of cross contamination is reduced or removed. We produce our chocolates in a licensed commercial kitchen that does not handle gluten.

Are your chocolates sugar free?

No. We use unrefined sugars (aka nature’s sugar) for all our chocolates. The couverture dark chocolate we use is sweetened with evaporated cane sugar, or rapadura sugar. Our fillings are sweetened with a touch of organic maple syrup or raw, locally sourced honey.

Do your chocolates contain dairy?

No, however the dark chocolate we source and use is manufactured in a facility that handles dairy. As a result, the chocolate component may contain small traces of dairy.

Do your chocolates contain soy?

No. All of our ingredients, including the couverture chocolate we use, do not contain any soy.

Are any of your chocolates nut free?

While some of our chocolates do not directly contain nuts, they may contain traces of nuts. Cheeky Cacao chocolate is also hand made in a facility that handles tree nuts, including peanuts. Therefore, if you are allergic to nuts we do not recommend you consume our chocolates.


How should I store my chocolates?

We recommend storing your chocolates in a dry, cool place, away from direct heat and/or humidity. For best quality, they should be stored between 18 – 22°C.

Should I store my chocolates in the refrigerator?

We do not recommend storing chocolate in the fridge, as the humidity can  result in condensation and cause the chocolate to bloom. Don’t worry, they will still be safe to eat, they may however have lost some of its flavour, and may not look as pretty.

How long will they last?

As our chocolates do not contain any additives or preservatives in either the chocolate itself, or the fillings, they are best eaten within 6 weeks of production for best quality. The recommended best before date, along with the batch number is always marked on every package we send.