Deluxe Dark Drinking Chocolate


We went hunting for a drinking chocolate to satisfy our chocolaty drink cravings. We were horrified when we hit the shops and found that even in some of the “healthy”/organic versions sugar, even the less nasty versions, were listed as the first ingredient – some were 70% sugar!!

So we handcrafted our very own blend of deluxe, fair trade ingredients, inspired by the Mayan origins of chocolate: chopped organic 70% dark chocolate, cacao and maca powders, seasoned with a little vanilla and sea salt and sweetened with unrefined cane sugar. Zero additives or preservatives.

A deluxe chocolatey drink designed to be prepared with the addition of just hot water, but equally delicious with hot or cold milk of your choosing. For a regular sized cup or mug, simply add 2 tbsps (~20 g) to the liquid of your choice and mix well.

Contains min. 60% cocoa solids. Each pack contains 200 g – 10 serves

INGREDIENTS: Dark Chocolate*^ (cocoa mass*, unrefined cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, cocoa powder), cacao powder*, unrefined cane sugar*, maca*, vanilla, sea salt

*certified organic ^min. 70% cocoa solids
Made from local and imported ingredients.

ALLERGENS: May be present: tree nuts. May contain traces of dairy. 

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a dry, cool place (<22℃) out of direct sunlight.


Customer Reviews

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Adrienne Throssell

It has been two years, three months and five days but I can't be 100% sure of the hours.

What I can be 100% sure of though is that from that day, my chocaholic life has been changed forever. I used to think I was a chocolate snob, preferring this or that brand of chocolate, but from June 14, 2021 NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. I have many favourites, Coconut Bounty, Raspberry Ganache, Coconut Rough, Lime and Sea Salt, Raspberry & Coconut and Cashew Praline. But my favourite of all is the Salted Cashew and Caramel.

Do yourself a favour, Don't share it. But do your friends and family a favour too, buy them their own block :)